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Fine Art Calendar by Pictor Lucis & Umbra

Attention: the following sites contain female skin, polished wood and natural feathers. They may also be not worksafe in unfree countries


Der Calender 2022 is going to production! I am looking for Models (F, fm, ff) and of course beautiful arrows and bows

I am interested

I made a video from the old Calenders nsfw video


Archery Nudes Calendar 2017

Archery Nudes 2017


Nude Calendar 2016
Fine Art Calender 2016
is out now! Place your orders


the unique archery bw calendar 2015


This exclusive Christmas present or birthday gift is now on sale: 29,- + 7 dispatch in international letter




SW Art calendar 2014
fine art bow and arrow calendar 2014



SW KunstKalender 2013 Nude Art Calendar 2013

Just more than nude female archers - fine art in limited edition!



SW KunstKalender 2012   1st fine art Calendar wit archery equipment 2012



Calendars from recent years 2012 - 2014 are still available. I will not produce more than 100 pieces of each yearr.
Price each 49,- + 7*,- shipping.
*Letter international. Insured dispatch or delivery to non EU Countrys on Request.

Lutz Biesterfeld aka Pictor Lucis

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